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Sex Pistols

Great Britany

So this web page is dedicated to the greatest band of all times in my opinion the Sex Pistols! It's fuckin' hard to make a cool web page but it's even harder to make it about a legendary group So brothers this is a fuckin' experimental homepage so don't fuck around and don't fuckin' tell me what to do because i'm trying hard enough to make that fuckin pice of shit a respectable web site! So what i'm trying to tell you is that i'm gonna try, if it won't work out it won't be my foult! Now, what I'm trying to do: I wanna put some photos, some newspaper articles!I'm gonna take care of that page, b sure!So that's it!

Now here are some fuckin' sites:

alex's homepage
dog's support area

There arereal people in this fuckin' world...